{S} Family ~ Karma Hershman Loveographer

 I had one of my FAVORITE family fall sessions this year out at Coffee Creek!  Wonderful family with absolutely beautiful children :)  
To say I LOVE my job, would be a complete under statement.  
I truly enjoy meeting with my clients, learning about their lives together and being part of capturing their love story...
Each chapter is so much different from the one before.
Every new member, new year...brings on a whole new beginning!
I love the interaction...
the emotion...
the love I see! 
 Makes life seem that much more fabulous to me...
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you {S} Family!
You totally rocked your session :) I truly had a delightful time with all of you.
Little man {L} made me smile every time I would pull a new image with him in it...
I actually laughed out loud many times over my edits!

Can't wait to show you the rest!!!


Holiday Boudoir Coming November 2012

In time for Christmas....Boudoir!

SECOND weekend of NOVEMBER 10 & 11 2012

Below You will find our pricing menu....However, we are shooting this Holiday Boudoir at a local hotel...therefore, we will only be offering the Sexy Boudoir and Sexy Mini Boudoir...
Please inquire within for extra details!

You may also call me directly at 219.508.5020 (Karma)

Sexy Private Boudoir $350

Sexy little session that can be shot at your place of desire.  May it be your home, apartment, condo or favorite hotel suite!  If you choose to book at your favorite hotel suite, you can keep the room to spice things up that night with your favorite guy or to hang out with your girlfriends and have a girls night out!

2 hours session
4 outfit changes
private online gallery
5x5 sexy little black book with 10 metallic pages/images
(or $135 print credit)
20% OFF all portrait prints ordered within first 10 days

Sexy Boudoir $300

Sexy Boudoir sessions are taken on the specific days that we have booked during a specific month.  They are taken at a local hotel or venue at which you will need to sign up for an appointment.  There are only 6 sessions shot the entire day and each session is individual and private.  The cost of the hotel or venue is included in creation fee, therefore we must have at least 4 ladies booked for each scheduled weekend shoot.  These special shoots are shot on Saturdays or Sundays during off wedding season and during the week days during wedding season.  They are only offered once a month.

1.5 hour session
3 outfit changes
private online gallery
5x5 sexy little black book with 10 metallic pages/images
(or a $135 print credit)
35% OFF all portrait prints ordered within the first 10 days

Sexy Mini Boudoir $150

Sexy Mini sessions are taken at your private location.  

45 min session
1 outfit change
private online gallery
$25 print credit
35% OFF prints ordered within first 5 days

*all images that you order will be retouched personally by me. We have an ALL FEMALE staff and everything here is our "sexy little secret"  Your secret is safe with us!  We only publish images of you that you graciously allow us to.  We feel that every single woman is beautiful and sexy in her own special way!  So bring on the Sexy and let us capture the Beautiful you!

Theis Family

What a fabulous session I had with the Theis Family!  We were up against rain...and it pretty much held off with the exception of a few sprinkles :)
LOVED seeing the kids run around and give me a hard time about getting their capture done!
Makes for a more challenging and exciting session!
In between all the living, loving, and chaos always comes the beauty of each and every family...
and being able to uniquely capture that particular chapter in the families life together.
I LOVE capturing the spirited moments...the ones
that no one thinks will come out!

The boys were a blast!  It was the first time I ever got to meet them, and super cute they were!
I learned about invisible kids, statues, and many other little boy creations :)
Boy, oh boy did they love their little cousin...and she was such a little sweetheart as well!
Such a quiet little pip-squeak...

I think she had EVERYONE wrapped around her tiny little finger!

...and as I walked away from this session and drove home, 
I realized once, yet again...just how very blessed I am to be able to capture all the 
life and love I see every single day!

Thank you so very much Theis Family for such a wonderful moment and the time I was
able to share with you :)


Loveographer...coming soon!

Last night I ran downtown to do a "Coming Soon" Maternity session with 
Kurt and Carol!
I have been waiting the last 13 hrs to post to the blog...after they made it FB official :)

They have a little miracle on the way...
a true miracle that was "never suppose to happen"
and I could not be more delighted to be part of their new baby story!

I still have goosebumps from when Carol revealed she was pregnant to me...
what a beautiful blessing for such an amazing woman!

 Carol is too much fun and pretty much up for anything...
I CAN NOT wait till she gets to 7 months and we photograph her baby bump again!

So funny side of this session...Kurt has watched The Next Top Model A LOT apparently, 
and had 100 ideas for the way he wanted to style this session of ours...
he and I were mostly on the same page at the same time, 
which was funny to me...
I suggested he come along and be my assistant from now on :)
I truly should of had a video going of our session, 
Kurt made me giggle more than once!
God Bless Carol and this pregnancy adventure with his shenanigans  lol

What a beautiful blessing...
thank you so very much for such a fabulous session Kurt and Carol!
I am anticipating seeing that little one and doing new born pics as well...
she has to be a girl...has too :)
I have too many cute tutu's to put her in!


Loveographer...baby bump!

Have I ever went into detail about how much I TRULY LOVE LOVE LOVE,
maternity sessions?!
I think motherhood is one of the most amazing times in a woman's life.
Incredible how each new mommy to be is radiant in her own way...

This little mama that I had the pleasure of capturing, is 
absolutely B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L

There was NO bad way of capturing her!

We first headed out to an urban area, and finished up at the beach....the beach is where my heart and soul seem to always dance around together.
I love every chance I get to take, to head to our local beach!

one of my favorite Quotes!

 Such a tiny little bump :)

one of my favorite of this gorgeous couple together....love having couples have fun with our session and play and be loving before my camera!!!

THIS image is HANDS down one of my all time favorite maternity session captures of a couple....
I absolutely LOVE how he is looking at her with pure admiration and she is looking back at him with pure love in her eyes :)  

These are the moments that I live for...
that gives me the strength to strive and want not only better in my business daily, 
but in life.
Relationships revealing right before my lens...
capturing pure essence of each and every moment.
That is what I adore about my job!

...and last but not least of this sneak peak
She not only looks radiant...she looks like a MODEL for maternity!

Thank you so very much for such a fabulous session together!  I can't wait to meet your little bundle of joy!


Loveographer / Mike and Beth

Mike and Beth

This past weekend, my handsome husband and I shot a beautiful outdoor wedding!
The weather was a delightful 70* ...who knew we would get so lucky this deep into August!?
Beth's mom did a crazy beautiful job with all the wonderful decorations....
you can tell she had prepared for this day since Beth was born :)

Mike is beyond PERFECT for Beth...
Words just can not describe how much love there is here.
You can see it in his eyes, the way he looks at her...and touches her gently.

One of my favorite shots of the day! (above) There was no doubt Beth's dad watched from Heaven to see his baby girl get married to her guy!

Again...some of mother of the bride talent lurking all around the yard!  

LOVE this pose of Beth...and the bench is pretty sweet too...just another wonderful find her mother had!

Thank you Mike and Beth for trusting in my talent to capture your blessed day!
You two look stunning together....can't wait to capture again
for you in the future! ...
And hopefully, it will be a little bundle of joy ;)

Loveographer / Karma Hershman

It seems like forever since I have posted anything at all! To tell you the truth, I have been extremely busy and I haven't had any extra time to post :( Between shooting, editing and delivering to my clients...then trying to throw in some family time and SLEEP :) ...well, something had to give and unfortunately it was the blog....

Here is a little sneak peak from my recent session with Katie...isn't she just beautiful?!  I mean seriously! How an the camera not love her? Katie was a complete natural!